Please send your artwork files at the dimensions you want to see it printed. This prevents any scaling issues with raster images.

Vector Artwork (.ai, .eps, .pdf)

Vector artwork (paths) is always preferred at Franklinton Press over raster artwork (pixels).

Don’t forget to expand your text assets as an object (select > object > expand > ok). This prevents any missing font issues when sharing. Or, please send over your font file in addition to the design file.

Avoid using clipping masks.

Use the pathfinder tool to "divide" any overlapping objects.

Raster Artwork (.jpg, .png, .tiff, .psd)

Raster artwork must be sent on a transparent background. This limits any confusion on what is part of the design, and what is the background color.

Please send raster artwork at the size you’re wanting to see it printed at 300dpi resolution. Images sent at lower resolutions may appear pixelated, or “saw-toothed” when printed.

Avoid using clipping masks.

Artwork files that do not follow these requirements may be subject to design time, and could result in delays in production. If you have any questions about your artwork, we are here to help! Email and we will get back to you within 2 business days.